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Our success is based on our knowledge and our techniques. We are here for two purposes, to help you obtain your driver's license and to teach you good driving techniques that will last you for rest of your life. For the first part, our courses are designed to cover all aspect required for successfully passing your examination. For the latter, we go a step further, not only preparing you for the exam, but making a lifelong habit of skills to ensure your safety for many years to come.

Our goal is to provide the best behind- the-wheel driving experience & safety to our students.

Our Business Philosophy

We believe a company built upon the foundations of respect, honesty, and fairness will offer the best customer satisfaction. DC Star Driving School is such a company and sets the highest standards for customer satisfaction. Our staffs are dedicated in providing the best training experience for teen and adult drivers.

Our Teaching Method

We designed a training program to teach novice drivers the advanced cognitive skills needed for defensive driving. These skills include proper scanning, attention maintenance, speed management in different conditions, hazard detection anticipation, and quick evaluation of possible safe driving maneuvers.

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